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March 06, 2008


Julius A. Davis


I am sorry to hear that you are facing this type of criticism, especially considering the history you have working for the traditionally disenfranchised. As someone who has worked for and on behalf of those same ideas (with the Clintons and the Obamas) I know how difficult a decision it must have been to even make the decision to support Hilary. I made my choice based on what I was looking for in a candidate. I am sure that you went through a similiar process.

Good for you. Real leadership is about making the tough choices when the pressure is on. You are not selling out at all.

And what's the "selling out" thing about anyway? Hilary has been there for children and families for so many years that it is laughable that anyone would call supporting Hilary selling out?

Leave No Child Behind is not just a slogan that George Bush uses to slide in his own "non-agenda." I was on the organizing team at the Children's Defense Fund that rolled out the proposed policies during the Democratic AND Republican conventions in 1992. The ideas and strategies were developed by the leadership of CDF, which included Mrs. Clinton.

To everyone who is coming at my sister and trying to "hem" her up, ask yourself this...If we beat each other down now, what will happen during the November general election. I mean, the point is to win...right?

People who know Jehmu already know that she is down....don't waste your time worrying about who she supports. JUST BEAT McCAIN !!!

Thank GOD for Jehmu Greene!!!

Julius Davis
Stone Mountain, GA


There is no question that you have issues with your race, not that you will have time to consider it rignt now. You are getting too much attention, to be introspective.

I am a white conservative and even I can see it. You should take some pride in yourself, Hillary won't. It is apparent that Obama will have to save you and your kind, in spite of YOU and your kind.


Michael Smith

What are you? Oh! I forgot!!!!

cherryl aldave

peace jehmu!

i know you might not remember me - i used to work for rta and attended a take back america with you and hans like...ummm...2004 maybe?

i'm billy's friend from the great state of NC baby!

i had your 'puter charger for like...2 days while we were in DC! i still think about that all these years later everytime i see you on the telly! and i still feel bad about it :(.

good to see you are doing well for yourself, and i know for you, the sky's the limit.

i am not a supporter of anyone in this race. in fact, it was while working for rta that i began to seriously doubt the effectiveness of voting.

i do know that if i had to pick any losers from the bunch, i'd prolly pick obama, but maybe because something inside me is honestly a little sickened by clinton.

i dunno what it is...the standing by her man BS - BAD example for girls...the fact that i think her and her hubby are race panderers, thiefs, etc.

but who knows - if anyone could convince me, you might be the person to do it.

i'll keep reading your blog :) and keep up the great work!

after all if all blacks fell in line - behind the colorline that is - it wouldn't be a fair race.

peace lady! stay strong!


I never considered you a "sell out" but I did find it peculiar because of our talk about generational issues that you sided to support Hillary Clinton as opposed to Obama's sentiments in lobbying the need for generational change.

I had no idea you were "getting it". Actually I had no idea you were also doing so much airtime on Fox. That seems to lump you with de facto ires of the network's duty to facilitate helping Hillary along for the Right's benefits.

Nonetheless I wish you well and comfort during this time. I am not sure what you see in Hillary as the representative model of what we need leading us as a collective populace or even as a leader to broker for women, let alone Blacks.

I do know that you have needs and Hillary probably fulfills them and that is something Obama can't give you in what you want to do. That is what I suspect.

That said, I wish you the best throughout this campaign and that people understand that you are not a race (baiting) politico and for that, the terms of interest matter differently for you. I am sorry you have gone through this.

tara martin

wow jehmu!

you might not remember me, but we attended the DNC Black Leadership Conference in New Orleans in 2004 together. I worked with Simone at YDA Minority Caucus Chair, as well!

anyways, you are an incredible sistah and I'm lifting you up on this blog (even if no one else will)... i, too, am a "sistah supporting clinton" and i understand the type of criticism you are experiencing, as i have been a victim of it, too...

keep you head up, keep stepping and remember, in the end, they talked about jesus, too!


be blessed!

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